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Hello everyone. I am Saomyavandit, an English literature post graduate with specialization in film adaptation studies and translation theory. I’m a passionate writer, poet, editor, researcher and script doctor.

What I do

Currently working in the Films and Entertainment Sector as the Content Head in an OTT platform. I’ve been actively contributing to the creative and technical aspects of the web series/short films being made there. Other than this, I am also working as a Digital Marketing Consultant for companies/public figures, helping them in building marketing and social media strategies.

Why Bridge Blog

Being passionate about writing, I wished to have a platform where I could share my work with people; and I knew I was not alone. People love to write, but don’t get platforms to write on. So, I felt the need of having an open place where everyone can showcase their talent and share opinions, thoughts and knowledge.

From professionals having immense knowledge in numerous fields, to budding writers, creative minds and everyone who thinks. I believe each and every person possesses unique thoughts. There should just be a place where they can showcase them! I aim to establish Bridge Blog as a healthy knowledge sharing ground.

Bridge Blog is not just a platform, but a united family of unique minds.

It has a simple motto:

Let your thoughts flow…

Follow Me

Twitter: @saomyavandit

Instagram: @saomyavandit