A Helping Hand

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A child when comes to this world, knows nothing. But there is a helping hand who is ready to impart the wealth of knowledge which is the most precious asset that one can ever have. That helping hand is a ‘teacher’.

A teacher is not only a mentor, but also our friend with whom we can share our innovative thoughts. It can sound as an exaggeration but yes they make our world a better place to live in.

Now talking about student-teacher bonding, it is almost similar to a child’s bond with parents. They are considered as our second parents who give us moral support, correct our mistakes, help to gain self confidence and guide us towards success. A healthy relationship between them can do wonders in the lives of both the student and the teacher. I can even prove this with my own personal experience.

I was an NCC (National Cadet Corps) cadet back in 2017 when my NCC instructor told me about Republic Day Camp (RDC). RDC is a camp for NCC cadets that is held every year in Delhi for the celebration of Republic Day of India where cadets from different parts of the country are selected for various activities. For many it’s a dream come true. I was selected for that camp but the journey of selection was not at all easy.

I was just an ordinary girl before the camp like many others who were shy yet talented and lacked self confidence. But the kind of trust, support and determination my teacher showed towards me was one of the key points towards my success. She treated me like her child, mothered me during my camp days. She motivated me, checked upon me if I was doing good, scolded me for my mistakes and handled every single thing that was to be done without my knowledge.

But yes, after coming back I had truckloads of portion to be completed. Without the help of my teachers I wouldn’t have been able to complete the portion in a month. Without them I would not have even achieved what all I have today. That’s why teachers play an important role in everyone’s life no matter what, even if it is for a small thing. They are and will always be there for us expecting a good and bright future.

I would just like to take a moment to thank and appreciate every teacher who in spite of this pandemic are keeping up with the situation, dealing with all the problems they are going through and yet not giving up the futures of this country.

Love and regards to all..