A Lot Like an Orenda in Schooling

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Wouldn’t it be sober if I asked you to picture your Teacher and you are not rekindled to an early morning chirpy class with wooden benches and a blackboard? An exuberant classroom where the variable silence was directly proportional to the intensity of the approaching footsteps of the teacher. Well, the word Teacher often makes me conjure up an image of my teacher who always, proudly wore a stern, crisp and refreshing face with a seldom grin like a Cheshire Cat. She was the voice in my head which drove me to achieve my potential and never let me settle with a B, when I can get an A. When I look back at the time spent in her class, it reminds me of a virtue she taught the class which idealised accepting and asking for help as a natural Human life skill.

The classical idea of a Teacher is inestimable, precious; nevertheless over the course of time we have given credence to finding a Teacher in the faces around, may it be your go-to person before a test, or the hand to which your once tiny fingers clenched fast. Every teacher has uniquely bestowed upon us pearls of wisdom.

The world has probably turned upside down since the last Teacher’s Day owing to the mass adaptation of virtual schooling and yet the essence of the a student-teacher relation is immaterial. Today as I write this, I couldn’t help but fail at procuring the right words in expressing my gratitude to all the teachers who ceaselessly continue their mammoth tasks in broadening our horizons to explore and discover galaxies of success for the betterment of the world.