A New Shape

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As another week passes, I find Bridge Blog taking a new shape. This time, we see three new sections: Awareness, Mental Health and Poetry.

Yet another strong write up by Suha, throws light on the condition of women in this modern era. She points out that many are still facing abuse and that we’ve grown used to listening to stories about it. The Never Changing Reality makes us aware of these facts and helps us understand the need to look around and take notice of the happenings.

Shrubaboti’s poem, It’s okay to not be okay subtly touches upon the need to take care of our loved ones when they need us. At times, it happens that people feel the need to leave everything at once and undergo isolation. At this point, they feel that being alone is better than expressing themselves. This I feel is a sign of helplessness in someone and a feeling that no one would understand. Shrubaboti tells us how we can help by simply being there for them. After reading her work, Hope starts as a little seed, I feel we come out as more empathetic beings.

I am impressed by how creatively both have conveyed these strong messages. The three of these posts sprout a sense of understanding within ourselves. I thank both the talented authors for these contributions.

Remember the Tangram puzzle which we loved solving in our childhood? We take a few pieces, place them together and create various shapes. When we add a new piece, we rearrange to find a new shape. I feel the sections of Bridge Blog are like pieces of Tangram and we are the ones trying to arrange it. Each time a new article comes up, we find a new shape. More distinct and clear. With the addition of Awareness, Mental Health and Poetry, I feel Bridge Blog has taken a new shape. And soon we are about to find another, when we add new pieces.

I would like to briefly introduce the new pieces which we have planned for the upcoming days.

We have received lovely responses from parts of Bengal and on demand, we are planning to add a Bengali language section. For non-bengali readers, we will be sharing translations in English. To begin with, we have selected a short thriller story, so stay tuned for the updates regarding the same.

And, we are highly honoured to have Dr. Anjali who will be joining us to throw light on youth related issues. Dr. Anjali is an Associate Professor in Psychology, ADC, University of Allahabad, Prayagraj. It will be really helpful for us to have her series addressing the youth with solutions to their problems. We will begin with her first address, where she will be reflecting on the subject, ‘How to be Calm’. Eagerly looking forward to having her views posted soon.

It fills me with joy to see these new pieces joining us. I wish you all a loving weekend. Spend time with your loved ones, care for each other and enjoy together!

Thank you all.

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