A Wonderful Beginning

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A week after the lovely launch of Bridge Blog, I sense positive energy running all through it.

With teachers’ blessings as our fuel, what else could have been a better take off? All thanks to our lovely guest authors who made this day special for everyone by beautifully presenting their views on student-teacher bond in the Teachers Day Special section. What happens to be amazing about these five articles is the fact that each represents a different perspective.

For Sumitha, a teacher is a helping hand; for Samruddhi, an Orenda in schooling; and for Dhruti, Gururbrahma Gururvishnu Gururdevo Maheshwaraha. Jasmeet talks about the moral responsibility of teachers as well as students, while Aishanya emphasizes the role of a teacher in a student’s life.

Each of them has remarkably pointed out various ways in which a teacher helps shape an individual for becoming a better human being. And one thing remains to be common among all, that is, the respect, love and gratitude which they have towards their teachers.

With the contributions of our lovely guest authors and the blessings of our beloved teachers, we have now taken a step forward by adding new areas to discuss and read about.

Three of them have been added this week: English Literature, Movie Review and Women Centric Issues. These new sections have opened the road to welcome a range of opinions and discussions.

For the sections English Literature and Movie Review, Jasmeet Kaur Sodhi has written a detailed review, The Bad ‘Do’ Sleep Well, on the Japanese movie adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic, Hamlet. The movie, ‘The Bad Sleep Well’ is a crime thriller directed by the very well known filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa.

The section Women Centric Issues features a strong, thought provoking article by Suha Khatib where she raises a much needed question, Where are We Safe?.

I feel blessed to have such striking writings on the Blog which is striving to be a healthy knowledge sharing ground. I am positive we will come up with new areas and fields soon.

I wish everyone a happy and relaxed weekend. May God bless us with new energy for the next week and further.

Thank you all.

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