Bengali Thriller Steals the Show

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This week, receiving such an overwhelming response itself was a thrill of its own kind. All thanks to our two new guest authors, Debarati Mondal and Diya Deb.

I feel Debarati’s Bengali thriller, একসিডেন্ট (Accident) is special for two reasons. One, the creativity with which she has woven this story. Definitely gives you the thrill factor. And two, the wit with which she has highlighted a deep societal concern as pointed out by Diya in Accident - Review.

You must be wondering, why Bengali?

With the growing need for international communication, I know how crucial it is to learn foreign languages. But, in the race of being fluent in them, I feel we must not forget mother tongues. Soon, we will be coming up with more languages, national as well as international. Adding new languages to Bridge Blog has a simple reason, that is, to reach a wider range of people because language should not be a barrier. I want our readers to know that Debarati Mondal is soon coming up with her English articles too.

I am grateful to our Bengali language proofreading team who contributed towards making this a success. And I would like to sincerely thank our author, Diya Deb, who made it possible for non-bengali readers to experience the same thrill in English language with the help of her translation: Accident.

“Hello Home Chefs!”, sounds familiar right? I am delighted to inform you that we are releasing our Food section soon. Mrs. Atima from the popular youtube channel Atima’s Kitchen, will be joining us to share appetizing recipes made easy with home ingredients. I appreciate the thought behind this channel: one gets the answers to “What do we eat today?”. For nutritional recipes to tickle your taste buds, Atima’s Kitchen is coming soon. So, stay tuned!

Happy weekend to all. Keep reading, keep eating, keep cooking. Thank you.

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Cover art courtesy : Diyali Bhalla