Hope Starts As A Little Seed!

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“…Disinterested, exhausted, leave me alone, you say.
But desperate and lonely, help me please, you meant…”

- Shrubaboti Bose, It’s okay to not be okay

About my Poem It’s okay to not be okay

Spreading awareness about mental health issues has become the need of the hour. An increasing number of people are dying everyday because of suicide and mental illnesses. There are a lot of stereotypes regarding mental illnesses and the prejudices involving seeking medical treatment does not make it any easier for those who are suffering from such illnesses or disorders.

Be there for your loved ones.

We often forget that what might seem like a trivial issue to us might not have the same psychological impact on another person, and therefore it is essential for people to understand the mindframe of those who are depressed or otherwise going through a hard time. Just like when we have a fungal infection or a bone fracture, we must visit the doctor and follow the required procedures to help ourselves recover faster instead of sitting at home, enduring the pain unnecessarily and ridiculously waiting for it to cure by itself like a miracle. Similarly, when we have a mental illness, it is crucial to accept that we need help and that it is okay to seek that medical care.

Remember, someone out there loves you. No matter what.

We all depend on one another from time to time and hence seeking help for mental health issues should also be normalized. It is okay to not be okay. That is the main theme of my poem. I hope my poem can help people to relate and make it easier to understand those who are distressed and suffering. Let this poem encourage us to be more sensitive and empathetic towards each other.

Hope starts as a little seed

The poem is out now! Check it out here: It’s okay to not be okay

Picture courtesy : @wonder_doodles