Role of a Teacher in a Student's Life

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The primary role of a Teacher remains teaching and opening minds of children. Now let’s talk about certain ways by which teachers guide us to take meaningful decisions. So to start with, teachers play a very important role in setting the tone of the classroom when it comes to the environment. Usually, students mimic the teachers.

A conducive environment nurtures focused learning. A teacher is the fulcrum of positivity or negativity in a classroom. If the students sense anger in the teacher, they may react negatively and can impair the learning and so, the onus of the social behavior lies on the teacher. A friendly atmosphere created by the teacher greatly enhances the overall learning process. Here, it is a win-win situation, where students gain from the teacher and teacher gain from the students.


A Role Model

Teachers should understand that most of the students consider them as their role models. From spending time through learning, experimenting and growing with time, teachers often play a huge role in inspiring children.

A Mentor

Mentoring comes naturally to the teachers. It helps in encouraging students to make efforts for the best they can do. A crucial part of mentoring is listening to the students. By taking time to listen to what students have to say, teachers impart a sense of ownership in the classroom. They also instill good leadership skills in their students.

Love and care for students, along with teaching is a boon for the growth of mind. It is for these reasons that teachers earn a lot of respect in the society.