Roles in Bridge

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To make things easy, Bridge consists of different types of user accounts with different levels of access. These user accounts are known as roles. There are four types: Student, Teacher, Manager and Principal. Here’s an elaboration on what each can view and access:


Students log in from their student accounts to view video lessons, class notes and assignments provided by their teachers. They can also ask doubts using the doubts section. Their questions will be directly sent to their teachers. An important thing to note: the students have access to the lessons of their own grade only. Neither of a lower one, nor of the higher one. This means that if a student of 6th grade tries to view lessons of say grade 7, he/she will not be able to view because other grades’ content’s access is restricted for them. Similarly, 7th grade students cannot view the lessons provided to grade 6.


The teacher will be providing the study material (video lesson, class notes, ebooks, PDFs, PPTs, etc.). The teachers do not have to add lessons on their own. It is done by the manager. Once the lesson has been added, the teacher can view and edit it. This is to save the teacher’s time and effort. The manager serves as a technical helping hand.
Generally teachers of different grades and subjects review each other’s work. Here on Bridge, they can continue doing so. There are no restrictions on lesson viewing for the teachers’ account. So, for example, a mathematics teacher from 8th grade can view the science or english lessons provided to 5th grade. For the teachers’ ease, their account consists of a dashboard summarizing important information:

  • My Lesson Stats - consists of the number of approved/unapproved lessons and their total.
  • Manage Lessons - shows recent 5 lessons on top and related actions like edit.
  • Search Bar - helps locate and find lessons easily.
  • Doubt Stats - consists of the number of resolved/unresolved doubts and their total.


The manager will be provided with the study material by the teacher. He/She is then required to create lessons by adding the video, assignments, questions, important messages, PDFs etc. He/She has the responsibility of managing all the lessons provided by the teachers. The ‘create lesson’ menu in the manager’s account is loaded with text editing tools, formatting options, image options, etc. which are intuitive and are quite easy to understand and work with. The managers can also be teachers themselves and add their own lessons for their students. The manager account dashboard is similar to that of the teacher account, with added actions to create and delete lessons.


Once a lesson has been created by the manager, it is not directly available for the students to view. Instead, to maintain the discipline of hierarchies, the lesson appears on the dashboard of the principal’s account for approval. The principal can view all the lessons and either approve them or suggest/make changes. Without his/her approval, the newly created lessons will not be accessible to the students. However, the teachers and managers can view and edit those lessons in the meantime. The principal’s dashboard is similar to the manager’s dashboard with an additional ‘approve’ action.

The following table sums up the access levels described above:

Roles/ Powers View Edit Create Delete Approve
Student Own
Teacher All Own
Manager All All All All
Principal All All All All All

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