What is Bridge?

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Aiding the rising expectations from online education, Bridge is a simplified Learning Management System (LMS) which helps in online distribution and management of lessons in schools, colleges and other institutions. We use the word simplified, because existing LMSs are intimidating to use and in order to adapt to them, one needs to have technical skills and an endless amount of patience.

Since we understand how crucial time is, we have built Bridge keeping simplicity in mind.

In these challenging times, the field of education needed an appropriate solution to help us cope with the problems being faced due to the lack of proper mediums to communicate. Bridge serves as a medium of communication with an interface very easy to use.

Why Bridge is useful and how it saves time

Share video lessons directly

Teachers who have worked hard creating presentations and video lessons for their students can share those videos here without any problem.

Share lesson notes

Instead of emailing the worksheets, answer keys, portion papers, etc., simply upload the notes once to make it accessible to every student. It saves effort.

Share important notices

Simply calling or texting each student through various apps becomes very inconvenient for the teachers. In just a few clicks on Bridge, every student can receive the important notices without any delay.

Allot assignments

Creating quizzes on different platforms and then sharing the links on some other ones is quite tiring and takes a lot of effort. You can easily create assignments and set deadlines for students.

Interact with your students

Since interaction with teachers plays a huge role in developing students’ future communication skills, here we bridge the gap between them. Students and teachers can freely interact with each other using the ‘doubts’ section.

Take live online classes

We are happy to inform you that Bridge easily integrates with ‘face2face’ video conferencing platform. Teachers can take live oral tests, group discussions, debates, etc. easily with the help of this real-time high audio/video quality video conference platform.

Online meetings

Not only can ‘face2face’ be used for conducting live online classes, it can also be used to conduct private official meetings. Currently, video conferencing for official meetings has become a necessity. ‘face2face’ helps in real-time communication for such meetings. Educational institutions can conduct staff meetings or parent-teacher meetings easily.


Using numerous apps and platforms to address basic tasks is very inconvenient and is quite frustrating after a certain point. Bridge happens to be a much needed solution because here everything is available at one single place, right in front, yet simple to use.

Our aim is to connect students and teachers. Since education is of the utmost importance, technology should aid it, not obstruct it.

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